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New Moon in Virgo

5 tips to use during the new moon in Virgo

Do you love Virgo energy? From August 23 - September 22, you may feel the urge to get organized, clear out closets and forgotten drawer spaces, check things off your to-do list, and volunteer your time in ways that truly feel helpful. Chances are, even if you don't gravitate towards this earth energy, you still have found yourself getting back into a practical work mode as the summer comes to a close. Everyone can benefit from tapping into a bit of healthy Virgo energy. If you haven't felt it affecting you during these last 20 days, I bet you'll notice something different this week as the new moon in Virgo happens on Thursday.

Time to start again

If you follow moon cycles, you know that new moons provide an intentional point to start over with a new perspective. Virgo is ruled by the planet Mercury - the ruler of your mind; and Mercury is still in retrograde. How can you blend these together this week? Try these five tips:

  1. Clear some space: carve out time in your schedule to reflect on the last four weeks

  2. Decide what needs to be done: what routines need a refresh

  3. Make a plan: write out the steps needed to establish this new routine

Ready...set....wait for it

Since this new moon on Thursday is also opposite the planet Neptune in Pisces, a foggy influence may add confusion to the mix. This combo may lead to inaction, or worse, it may make you push too hard for something to happen even though the timing is off. Here are two extra tips to ensure a more effective use of this week's energy:

4. Double-check the details: spend Thursday and Friday looking over your plans

5. Wait until the weekend before taking action: Mercury will station direct on Friday.

Focus on Virgo in your chart

Personalize these steps by looking at the house topics ruled by Virgo in your chart. Perhaps your new routines will be in your home or work environment (4th and 10th houses). Or, maybe you need to clean up the chaos in your friendships or finances (11th and 2nd houses). Reflect upon your Virgo house themes. These are the areas where your time and effort are best spent during this new moon energy.

Scheduling an astrology session during a new moon week can help you hone your focus and support your personal growth journey. Reach out for more information. I look forward to working with you!

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