my journey to compassionate living


Practitioner, teacher, educator, director, writer, parent...

these are just some of the roles I've chosen over the last decades of my life. Throughout each of them, I learned how to accept myself and be present in the moment.

But, that wasn't always the case...


During college, my sense of self-worth seemed non-existent. I lived with painful cystic acne for years. My gut health was a mess. I wasn't in touch with my emotions and tended to wall myself off from feelings. I chose not to engage with others because I didn't like who I was or how I looked. Years went by as I continued to mask what was happening inside me.


I learned that when emotions aren't expressed, they turn into health issues. By the time I was in my 30's, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I decided to use my yoga, meditation, and astrology practices to help me connect to my true voice. I discovered how to feel my emotions, speak up, interact with others from a place of empowerment, and see my worth.

My health improved, as did my relationship to myself.

Over the years, I noticed most of us have a similar theme in our stories -
challenge of feeling emotions.

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When we feel emotions in a healthy way, we begin to live a more compassionate life.


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I help people see their strengths and challenges, understand their emotional body, and get to the root of who they are at their core. From there, I create tailored strategies for what is needed.


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