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Why I Study Astrology

I am more than a horoscope...

From an early age, I knew I resonated with my sun sign of Libra: I loved engaging with people, devouring books, and being artistic. But, no matter how many horoscopes I read, I couldn't find an accurate description that resonated with all parts of me. With that, my "searching" years began.
I went to school to pursue Asian Studies and then returned years later to get my BA in English and become a certified teacher. Throughout each of my experiences in schools, theaters, and yoga studios, my interest in self-discovery and whole-heartedness continued to grow. I wanted to find ways to help students build compassion for themselves, just as I was learning to do with myself. A colleague told me I might find the ancient practice of astrology useful.

Astrology as a practice?
This was new for me.

I experienced my first astrology chart reading and was hooked. The session helped me see myself through a clearer lens. I started studying modern astrology that took a more psychological perspective and then incorporated Hellenistic traditional astrology, which widened the aperture. 
Today, I continue using astrology as a daily practice as well as providing personalized readings for clients. I blend my studies, experiences, and passionate curiosity to each session. Contact me today so we can begin your unique astrology journey.

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