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Gain a deep understanding of self and your interactions with others


Just as everyone’s fingerprint is uniquely their own, so is your personal birth chart, created at the exact time and day you were born. This chart shows the way you think, feel, love, act, and so much more.

​During your session, you'll gain a deep understanding of your purpose while we pinpoint repetitive cycles and behaviors.​

in your own skin


I offer a variety of single sessions for individuals, couples, kids, and friends

Uncover the depth of who you are at your core. Gain practical insight about your unique personality, improve your communication with others, and learn how to regulate your emotions. Readings can also show you how to use the unique energy of moon cycles, eclipses, seasons, and so much more.


Inquire about pricing for individuals under the age of 20. 

into your personal growth journey


My signature packages are designed to help you go deeper so we can focus on the areas of change you desire once you've had your initial reading with me. These 3 - one hour sessions can be used to learn more about the specifics of your chart, practice stress management techniques, create new routines, or even improve your relationships. 

The Personal Growth Signature Series

Whether you’re feeling stuck or if you feel there’s more to learn about how you show up in your life, this package helps you break unhealthy habits, build a stronger sense of self, and open up to new potentials.


Three sessions provide the support, strategies, and follow-up for your growth journey.

The Team Growth Signature Series

Calling all business partners, co-workers, and team members!

Want to learn healthier communication strategies with one another? That's exactly what we'll accomplish in this 3 session package. 


Imagine if you could understand how each of you operate in this dynamic relationship. Together, the roles of responsibility become clearer, communication is stronger, and creativity flourishes once you see the unique connection your charts make. 


This package starts with a Synastry reading that highlights your astrology blueprints. Then, the next two sessions provide practical strategies that promote a better working relationship between both of you or your group.

Stay in the present moment, reduce stress, and provide a better
sense of well-being to your life.

meditation teacher sitting on the floor meditating


to match your mind

Do you think you’re “doing” it wrong when it comes to meditation? Maybe you haven’t found the type that works best with your mind.


This unique four-part package includes an astrology chart reading to see how your mind works along with three 30 minute practice sessions.


Contact me to purchase this package!

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