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Dive Deep During this Scorpio New Moon

Are you a Scorpio or do you know someone who is? How would you describe their energy? Scorpios are powerful individuals who aren't afraid to dive deep into dark subjects. They have a strong bullshit meter when it comes to others, but they aren't as willing to use it for themselves. If a crisis happens, Scorpios get you through it. At times, they can get so addicted to crisis-solving that they create more of it to feel needed.

This water sign needs time alone to calm their intensity and replenish themselves. But, staying in their hidey-hole too long isn't healthy. Scorpios know more than most, so don't tell them what to do (don't even suggest it). They'll make up their own mind when ready.

Even if you don't have Scorpio activity in your chart, this new moon may feel like an intense shove into the deep, emotional parts of yourself. The plus-side to this energy is that it will cut through the facade that you may have put up last month and help you see what really is or isn't working.

Take time this week to journal and reflect with these questions. Then set some clear intentions for the weeks ahead.

Notice where you are

  • Take inventory of where you are this month.

  • What's working in your life right now? What isn't?

  • Where is crisis happening and what role do you play in it?

  • Who needs you or calls for your help the most? What boundaries do you have in place?

Be truthful with yourself

  • What habits need to be broken?

  • What are you hiding from?

  • Do you need help seeing your blindspots? Who can you trust?

Define what needs to be changed

  • Are you willing to let go or end something in order to bring in the new?

  • What needs to be mourned and released?

Take advantage of this Scorpio energy and invite yourself to look deeper, call out the issues you've been tip-toeing around, and make the changes needed for your personal growth. As always, getting the support you need from a professional is encouraged.


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