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What to Expect with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Get ready because November 8th has the potential of shaking up your foundation and stripping off the mask you've been hiding behind.

If you're like most of my clients, you just went into catastrophic thinking after reading that opening sentence: does that mean my job is in jeopardy, something's going to happen to my house, or bad news is coming?

Instead of fearing what might happen, I invite you to use this full moon lunar eclipse energy to look deeper into what's feeling uncomfortable in your life right now and use it as an entry way into transformation and growth.

Let's break down what this energy can feel like. Lunar eclipses can reveal the shadows you've been hiding from yourself. The full moon in Taurus highlights what helps you feel stable, secure, and safe. Put these together and this energy can feel uncomfortable or even wildly emotional.

Now that I have you attention

This Scorpio sun likes to shock people by bringing up the topics most of us shy away from. So let's dive in. With the moon opposite the sun, it's time to look at how you spend your money, resources, and time. Do you manipulate others to get what you want? Are you avoiding opening your bills, making that important call, or getting the help you need? What stories have you told yourself in order not to face the truth? Scorpios are great at calling out the bullshit of others but are experts at masking their own. This full moon wants you to take a good look at the cracks in your foundation and see what needs to change.

What Can You Do with this Energy?

A sense of security is crucial for our feeling of well-being. So, if you're feeling worried about this full moon lunar eclipse, that's a normal reaction. But, I believe you can use this energy to your betterment. How?

Here's another great tip. If you want to know what this energy may feel like for you, look back 19 years ago. What big lessons presented themselves to you during the month of November? Exact degree eclipses happen every 19 years, and chances are, this one will build upon a lesson that you experienced back then.

Let me share a personal example: 19 years ago, I had 3 kids under the age of 4; we just moved into a new neighborhood; and I was learning how to manage everything without losing myself or constantly worrying about our finances with only one income supporting us. On top of that, we had a rift in the family and I felt caught in the middle, trying to be the peacemaker between my father and brothers. I remember feeling stretched too thin while being on high-alert to everyone's emotions and needs. I neglected my own health because I was preoccupied with care-giving, mediating, and coping with everyone else's stress.

If next week's lunar eclipse triggers my emotions about finances, my security, stepping into something new, or family dynamics, I won't be surprised. I'll use the knowledge I've gained from my experiences, tap into my strengths, and face whatever shows up with an open heart and mind. Full moons help us illuminate what still needs to be seen. If I welcome the insights, I can make the changes needed to break old cycles of unhealthy thoughts and behaviors.

Who May Feel this Energy the Most?

Although each of us can feel the effects of a full moon lunar eclipse to some extent, those who have any of their personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) in 11-21 degrees in fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius may feel it more intensely. Or, if your Saturn is 11-21 degrees in Taurus, your life lesson may feel activated.

If you need help seeing these points on your chart, schedule a session and let me show you how to use this full moon energy in your life.

May you use this energy proactively for your personal growth. Happy Scorpio Season!

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