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Pluto's Transformative Power

This year, Pluto will end its long-standing placement in Capricorn and move into the sign of Aquarius. Before the world takes this next monumental step, let's take a look back at the changes that have happened on a global scale. Then, we'll take a look forward into the areas of your chart that may experience Pluto's transformative power.

In traditional astrology, Pluto is viewed as the planet that creates major change while uncovering hidden secrets. It carries with it a punch of power that can feel intense. Pluto's force destroys what is superficial in order for something substantial to rise from its ashes. However, it works in a slow-moving way, similar to a giant excavator clearing a new path.

When Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn (a sign that represents structures, rules/regulations, and government) in 2008, the US housing market bubble had just burst and we were in a recession that had rippling effects around the world. Since then, power dynamics in politics have felt more like power grabs, supreme court rulings have upended long-standing cases, crypto-currency rose and fell, and a world health crisis exposed infrastructure weaknesses. You may be asking at this point, "where is the positive in a Pluto transit?"

Sometimes, we can't see the forest for the trees until time passes and our perspective widens so we can see where new growth is forming. This is what we can hope for when Pluto takes a step into Aquarius. From January 20th until September of this year, we have a chance to move forward into a new sign and give ourself some breathing space before returning for a quick 3 month visit to Capricorn land. Think of this autumn trip as a way to reflect on our growth and transformation before we truly encounter the next part of our Pluto journey.

Once Pluto enters Aquarius in November, it will remain in this sign for the next 20 years. Aquarius symbolizes inventiveness, visionary ideas, social justice, environmental issues, and the willingness to rebel against the norm. It brings groups of people together and looks for the protection of the collective. What might happen when Pluto starts excavating in this field? We may see the destruction of antiquated ideas, a reinvention of power dynamics that support many over a few, or new scientific advancements that seem unfathomable now. We can't predict the future but, one thing is for sure...Pluto's impact will not go unnoticed.

How can you see what Pluto energy has in store for your chart? First, find your Capricorn and Aquarius houses. What transformations have happened in your Capricorn house topics since 2008? For example, if Capricorn starts your 2nd house, look at what financial cycle was broken for you. If it is your 7th house, reflect on how power dynamics and structures changed in your relationships. 9th house Capricorns may have broken away from long-standing beliefs. 8th house placements may have experienced deaths of loved ones and the ability to rise from the depths of despair. 1st house placements may have transformed physically. If you need help with this, reach out with your questions or schedule a session with me.

Next, define the topics of your Aquarius house. Maybe it's your 6th house of health, routines, service, illnesses, and pets. Or your 10th house of reputation, profession, achievements, ambition, and purpose. These are areas that may be touched by Pluto energy over the next two decades. Before you go down a worrisome road of thoughts, remember, Pluto is helpful in clearing away what no longer works and it makes space for something more powerful to grow. Embrace this energy like necessary medicine and then get ready for a powerful transformation in your life.

Even though Pluto is a strong force, it doesn't have to be feared. Get to know your astrology chart and the nuances of inner and outer planets by scheduling a session with me.

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