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How Astrology and Meditation Work Together for Your Personal Growth

Updated: May 31, 2023

astrology chart and sitting meditation

They may sound like two separate practices, but both astrology and meditation help you look inward and see yourself through a clear lens. So, how can they be blended to work together for your personal growth journey? Let's look at an example.

Chris has been trying to start a meditation practice for the last couple years. He's used various apps and books in hopes of learning how to still his mind and feel less stressed. No matter how many times he attempts to sit down and remain quiet for his practice, something distracts him and he gives up after a few minutes.

That's when he reached out to me. Chris asked if I could help. I suggested we first look at his astrology chart for insights about his mind, overall energy, traits, and characteristics. During our reading, I pointed out that he has a Gemini mind (an air element) with lots of fire traits that have been tampered down over time. In elemental terms, when air and fire get together, this combination makes it challenging for a person to sit still.

The reading also opened his awareness to pieces of his personality that he couldn't see clearly before; traits of himself that he saw as weaknesses and tried to push down or ignore. His chart helped him reframe his highest potentials, including his ability to initiate and take on challenges; his insatiable curiosity and desire to learn more , and his need to move so he could generate new ideas.

During our second session, I introduced him to exercises that addressed his nervous system so that he could stay in the present moment whether or not he was practicing meditation. Breath practices helped him connect with his physical body versus remaining locked in his head. Then, I tailored a routine for him to use each time before his meditation practice.

He came to me on the third session with excitement. "Something feels different, but I don't know what it is," he said. He was ready to learn more. I introduced him to some guided meditations that he could use while moving. Now he had a few different practices to choose from so his routine didn't become stale or boring.

Since then, Chris has been maintaining his meditation practice for over 6 months, the longest he's ever stuck with a personal growth practice. He checks in with me once a month and I introduce him to a new breath work technique, more nervous system exercises, or a different meditation style. And, sometimes, we pull up his astrology chart so he can see areas of his life that he's ready to embrace or change.

If you're wanting to start a meditation practice, improve your consistency, or learn new techniques to add to your routine, I encourage you to book a session with me. Let's use your astrology chart to tailor a practice that fits your needs.

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