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Understanding Your Moon Sign

Maybe you're familiar with your sun sign in your astrological chart. It's the sign that helps describe the ego and how you show up in the world. But there's another sign in your chart that represents how you show up emotionally; and that is the moon. Understanding your moon sign can help you connect to your feeling body in a healthy way.

Emotions Aren't Logical

Because emotions aren't logical, your feeling body can be the trickiest, and sometimes, the most challenging part of yourself to understand. At a very early age, your emotions took center stage. Around the age of two, your moon sign got activated. And depending on how your emotions were met and nurtured at that time, determined how you related to your feelings.

Let's say you were highly sensitive as a child and your parents responded with consistent messages like:

  • "stop crying"

  • "you're too sensitive"

  • "toughen up"

  • "I can't handle your constant whining"

If you internalized these messages and believed you weren't allowed to show your feelings, then you grew up disconnected from your emotional body. As an adult, you get the chance to reclaim a healthy relationship with your feelings and learn how to regulate emotions after being triggered. One way to do this is by understanding your moon sign's modality.

What is a Modality?

Modalities or modes can be described as a way in which something is expressed. Astrology categories every zodiac sign into one of 3 modalities: Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable. Once you know your moon sign (reach out to me or find yours on use this chart to find the modality of your moon.

Cardinal Signs

Fixed Signs

Mutable Signs













Applying This Knowledge

Now that you know your moon sign's modality, how can you use this information? Let's look at the highest potential as well as the slippery slopes of each mode.

Cardinal Moons Take Action

At the highest, your emotional body wants to keep moving forward. You can directly express emotions or talk about your feelings without projecting on to others. If you start icing your feelings, forgetting to feel, burning other people with your anger, or forgetting to ask for help when needed, then it's time to learn how to take ownership of your emotions, carve out time to connect with your feelings, and use them to move forward.

Fixed Moons Like Stability

At the highest, your emotional body is strong like a rooted tree that gives protection to those around you. Feelings are best felt when using your hands in a project and giving your thoughts a chance to connect with your heart. If you start feeling emotionally stuck, stubborn, or detached, try coming back to your center, feel into your roots, and then learn to let go and trust.

Mutable Moons Flow and Change

At the highest, your emotional body is flexible and can relate to everyone around you. Your sensitivity is your gift and you want to be in service to the world. However, you can get overwhelmed easily. You change so often that the lines are blurred as to whose emotions you're truly holding. If this happens, learn to empty your emotional cup daily through journaling, exercising, being around animals, and tending to your emotional health regularly.

What's Next?

Want to learn more about your chart? Let's see what else is impacting your moon. Schedule a session and learn specific strategies for your moon sign. I can help you connect to your emotions in a healthy way.

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