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Connecting to Me

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

It's a full moon as I write this. Even if I didn't look up into the sky at night this past week, I would know something changed in the energy the past couple of days. Have you felt it too? For me, it starts with becoming aware of my breathing. On Sunday, I felt a tightness in my upper abdomen which made my breaths a bit shortened. On Monday, the tightness subsided a bit but my exhales were shallow and I would rush to inhale. By today, I found it challenging to relax into sama vritti (equal inhales and exhales). At the end of my yoga practice, I tried to lay in savasana but decide instead to roll over onto my belly for crocodile pose. The comfort of the floor supporting my inhales and exhales helped me release a bit more through my back muscles.

When I finished, I went outside and walked barefoot through the overgrown grass in my backyard. And in the slow, deliberateness of feeling the humid grass blades enveloping my feet, something shifted in my breathing. My upper abdomen felt free. My inhales and exhales felt luxurious. I connected to a deeper part of myself that didn't include labels, worries, to-do lists, or any other extras of life. I was simply being ME.

A few weeks ago during the new moon on July 4th, I set an intention of creativity. My intention isn't about flourishing in my artistic abilities. It's to connect to my fullest expression of authenticity. I don't know what will continue to unfold during this month but I keep my focus and desire on this intention throughout every yoga practice, meditation, and interaction. The moon has blossomed open and tonight it shines its light on where I am right now. I get the chance to reflect, reground myself, so I can continue with the momentum of this intention for the remaining days of this moon's cycle.

If you've read this far without tuning me out, thank you. The lingo I use may or may not sound foreign. If you've taken classes or lessons with me, you know I talk about this energy and how we can tune into it daily. But even if you've never paid attention to the pull of the moon, I'm pretty certain you've experienced some shifts this month. So let's try something different in this blog. Let's try breathing together. Ready? Click on the link below and listen to the four minute recording. Practice it, then let me know how you did by commenting below.

As this month continues, hold your intention consciously. Let it work with you and see what happens. Until the next time - Namaste - The light in me honors the light in you!

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