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New Moon Exercise

Intentions made during the Taurus New Moon can help bring balance and comfort into your life. This introspective exercise is designed to awaken your feeling sense while you create a new plan for this moon cycle. 

Circle the life topics that feel most inconsistent right now: finances, relationships, work, spirituality, growth/development, routines, creative pursuits

Pick one from your circled topics and answer the following:

  • What would slowing down and being more present in this area look like?

  • What connections need strengthening in this area (to people, to yourself, to nature, etc)?

  • Finish this sentence: "I feel most resistant to changing _________________ in this area." Notice the sensations in your body as you say this sentence aloud. Is there any gripping, tightening, or physical reaction happening?

​Close your eyes and envision your circled life area in its desired state - (i.e. what would it be like if improvements were made?)

  • What do you see? What do you feel? Once you have a strong feeling sense from this image, open your eyes.

  •  Finish this sentence: "When this area of my life is balanced, I feel more ________________."

  • Now, what fresh start would you like to make during this new moon cycle? Write this intention somewhere visible. Take a moment each day and ask if you are more or less aligned with your plan for this month.

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We either live with intention or exist by default.

-Kristin Armstrong

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