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Elemental Energy

A 4-week program using the elements of astrology to create a mindful and intentional lifestyle.

Astrologer Writing Natal Chart

Astrology, Movement and Mindfulness - a powerful trio

The question I get asked most often from people is, "How do you seem to stay so calm and balanced? I want some of that in my life!"


The routines and life skills I've learned along the way are rooted in three modalities: yoga, mindfulness, and astrology. Blended together, they create a powerful mix of strategies that have helped me feel more resilient, energized, and present in my life. Now, I'd like to share them with you.


I'm bringing together my expertise in these three areas to show you how to live a more mindful and intentional lifestyle.


You have a unique combination of fire, earth, water, and air traits built into your make-up. Let me show you how to effectively activate these four elements so you can gain clarity, feel energized, nourish your body and mind, while breaking through stuck, repetitive patterns. 

I Invite You to Work with Me
September 1 - 30

Discover what's included in this 4 week program:

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Yes, I want to work with Sandy in September! 

I'm only offering this program once this calendar year. Come work, play, and meditate with me for the month of September (starting 9/1/22). All videos and live zoom sessions are recorded for your use throughout the month.


Invite a friend to join you for FREE. 

Upon registering, include your friend's name and email. They will receive a prepaid scheduling link to join the program. 

Registration is open August 1 - September 1

Cost: $425 




1 chart reading

4 yoga videos

4 meditation/mindfulness practices (live)

4 Q&A sessions

weekly journal questions

extra bonuses


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