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Online Meditation Workshop

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Journey Within and Beyond is my newest meditation workshop. It's very similar to my Journey Within Meditation classes that I've had in the past. But now, I'm opening it up to people who want a self-paced curriculum online.

This 4-part series, uses a private FaceBook page to deliver content, answer questions, and provide resources. The page will remain open for a period of time so you can rewatch the video lessons and connect with me while your practice develops. This workshop is great for those new or seasoned with their practice and its a perfect supplement for those who have already taken my Journey Within classes. Each lesson is rich with content that satisfies our analytical mind as we practice moving into deeper states of inner awareness. The topics outlined below may or may not sound intimidating. I promise to present the material in a comprehensible way. If you join the video lessons live, I can immediately answer your questions. If you choose to view them later, simply type out the question as a post. I'll answer within 24 hours.

Here's what I'll cover:

Lesson One: the science of the brain and how meditation practice changes our patterning; neural webbing; addicted patterning; heart coherency; tapping; and how to practice becoming the observer. At home practice includes: journaling, brain entrainment, breath work, heart coherency practice, and guided meditation practice.

Lesson Two: Moving into energy and into the Unknown; brain states and frequencies; chasing energy; subtle body awareness; yoga nidra and body scanning; analytical mind versus intuitive mind. At home practice includes: practicing the new; working with resistance; naming and feeling emotions; guided meditation practices; yoga nidra practice.

Lesson Three: The Limbic System and Enteric Nervous System; hormone fluctuations and our practice; discussions about essential oils, working with nature and natural elements, cranial sacral work, and sound therapy; yoga and movement to help our practice; eyes open meditation; connecting with your inner knowing. At home practice will include participation and invitations to work with all that we discuss in this lesson.

Lesson Four: Walking meditation; entraining with others; bringing it altogether with or without guided meditations. At home practice will include: journaling, walking meditation, creating your practice plan, distant practice with others.

The next Journey Within online sessions have not been scheduled for 2021.

Please contact me directly if you have any questions or if you're interested in gathering a group of 2 or more for your own personal online workshop.

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