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Journey Within Meditation Series

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Move beyond self-imposed limits with the use of guided meditation, music, and a bit of Quantum Physics.

Sound daunting? It really isn't once we learn how our brains are trained. Each and every day, a multitude of possibilities are available - possibilities that begin with a thought. These thoughts come from our energy and then are created into our experiences. But what if we discover that our thoughts are dictated by our past perceptions and beliefs? Then our creations and experiences are limited to what we know. We may find ourselves repeatedly recreating our past instead of what we truly desire.

Meditation practice can help us open to new possibilities and new thoughts which can then lead to new experiences. Each week, Sandy will set the stage with the "why" and "how" of changing the neural circuitry of brain patterning before the practice begins. Resources are provided so you can continue practicing on your own. This is a great series for anyone who has tried to meditate in the past or is currently looking to deepen their work.

There are no series currently scheduled.

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