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Private Meditation Lessons

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Navigating the uncharted waters of meditation can be daunting. Need some guidance? Motivation? Help with consistency? All the above? The following options may help you feel more at home in your own practice.

Meditation and Breath Work Sessions

Personalized sessions include:

- 60 minute sessions covering specific techniques or questions

- Online live instruction (with recording if requested)

Price: $97/hr

Click here to book a session or email Sandy to purchase a package.

Meditation to Match Your Mind

Gain a better understanding of how your mind works through an astrology chart reading. Once we highlight particular points in your chart, Sandy can create a meditation practice that fits your needs. This package includes:

- Highlighted astrology chart reading (must have DOB, Time of Birth, City/State of Birth)

- Three 30-minute meditation practices with your tailored approach

Price: $310

Contact Sandy to schedule your sessions.

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