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Envisioning Your Sanctuary

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Does a personal sanctuary sound perfect right about now? Everyday stress, anxiety, and overload can burden the nervous system leaving us feeling depleted and less able to openly engage in life. Sometimes, these cortisol triggers happen so continuously, we don't realize the unnecessary taxation we put on the body, mind, and energy systems until symptoms occur like: disruptive sleep patterns, illnesses, accidents, breakdown in our relationships, etc. Traveling to an exotic destination or restful retreat can be a great benefit, but not always practical. This is when your meditation practice can help.

Try this:

Find some soothing music as the background as you settle into your practice. In your mind's eye, use vivid imagery to create your own personal sanctuary. See the colors and textures around you. Add natural elements that feel comforting. Now notice yourself in this setting. Stay with this image and feel the emotions that arise the longer you experience yourself in your sanctuary.

After this visualization, continue with your regular meditation practice, noticing the new feeling that is present. For further relaxation during the visualization section, find a meditation teacher who can walk you through a guided session.

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