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GF Waffle Recipe

Over two years ago, I completely eliminated gluten and dairy from my diet. My choice was made after taking blood tests, going to see several specialists, and checking in with my own deep knowing through meditation and contemplation. I'll save that story for a future blog but I can tell you I saw immediate improvements after changing my diet.

In the beginning, I didn't attempt to make anything that resembled my old favorites and I stayed clear of bread-like products in the supermarket that were marked GF. After discovering Danielle Walker's cookbook and blog Against All Grain, I decided to experiment with substitutions and make things like waffles, pancakes, and breads. (Her recipes are amazing and I highly recommend trying them.) But, unfortunately, my body still got triggered by certain ingredients (mainly cashews, bananas, rice flour, squash, and sweet potatoes). For those of you who are GF, I know you understand my dilemma. Almost every GF baking recipe uses those delicious substitutions.

So I left my baking drawer untouched again for a long time...until YESTERDAY!!! I've been following Ashley Alexander on Instagram and she posts beautiful pics from her Gather and Feast website. I saw her Buckwheat Waffle recipe and it got me thinking about various substitutions. After a bit of tweaking, here's what I combined:


* 1 cup of finely ground hazelnut meal (Bob's Red Mill makes a good one)

* 1 cup of "flours" including coconut, GF oat, and spelt (I layered all three into one cup)

* 1/2 tsp baking soda

* 1/2 tsp salt

* 3 tbs coconut sugar (I use Madhava Coconut Sugar)

* 2 cups almond milk (gradually add desired amount)

* 3 eggs separated

* 2 tbs melted coconut oil (or ghee)

* 3 tbs dairy free chocolate chips (optional) or goji berries

1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl

2. Add almond milk and egg yolks. This batter will be thick but still able to slide off the spoon.

3. In a separate bowl, whip the egg whites until stiff and then fold them gently into the batter along with the optional ingredients

4. Spoon batter into a waffle maker set at medium high. Yields 5-6 large waffles.

Personal Disclaimer: I am NOT a chef. I am NOT a baker. My inspirations are directly from those that have practiced these skills and honed their craft for years and years. Thank you Danielle, Ashley, and all the other talented individuals I've encountered since making these dietary changes. You've made a huge difference in my life!


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