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I'm Glad You're Here!

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Welcome to September's month long Elemental Energy program. Together, we'll look at the four elements in your astrology chart, use them effectively in your weekly routine, and create a more mindful and intentional lifestyle that is tailored for you. 

By now, you've scheduled and/or completed your initial astrology chart reading with me. The full schedule of meeting times and video releases are listed below. Before the first yoga video drops on September 4th, use this PDF check-in to see how you're feeling the elements right now in your life.

Remember, this page will house your weekly yoga practices, recordings of our meditation sessions, journal prompts, and our final wrap up at the end of the month. I will send weekly reminders/updates via email that will direct you back to this page. It's a private link which is meant only for those that signed up. Please do not share it with others. 

If you have questions that are not answered during our weekly live calls, please reach out via the form below. 

Let's get started!


Mark Your Calendars

September 1: Welcome video released

9/4: Week 1 yoga video release (Earth element)

9/6: Meditation session 8:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/9: Q&A session 12:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/11: Week 2 yoga video release (Fire element)

9/12: Meditation session 8:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/16: Q&A session 12:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/18: Week 3 yoga video release (Water element)

9/19: Meditation session 8:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/23: Q&A session 12:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/25: Week 4 yoga video release (Air element)

9/26: Meditation session 8:30 CDT (zoom link)

9/30: Q&A wrap up session 12:30 CDT (zoom link)

Weekly Yoga Sequences

Week 1 - Earth Element

Use each sequence several times during the week and see how you feel: physically, mentally, and energetically. Consult your doctor before starting any new exercise routine. You know your body - modify poses when needed. Contact Sandy with any specific questions.

Meditation Recordings

After each live session is completed, the recordings will appear here. 

Live sessions happen: Tuesday 9/6, Monday 9/12, Monday 9/19, Monday 9/26 each at 8:30 CDT.

Zoom links will be here as well as sent via email.

Journal Reflection Questions

Week 1 - question 1/3

How comfortable are you with using earth element skills? What's the most challenging part of earth for you?

Have a question during the week?
Send me a message.

I'll get back to you soon!

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